Application process

  • Fill the on-line Application Form and upload a pitch (<15 slides) and an executive summary (maximum 4 pages).
  • Applications will be screened by WA4STEAM members and discussed in the Pipeline DealFlow Committee (PDFC) which meets on a regular basis.
  • Projects will be analyzed and discussed based on basic project requirements, alignment with WA4STEAM objectives and degree of feasibility.
  • The entrepreneurs of the selected project will be required to submit their business plan and additional documents.  They will also be invited to make a presentation to defend their proposition, needs, as well as the contractual conditions of their projects.


Should the project be selected, a team of  WA will assume the leadership of the project within the WA4STEAM organization (project angels, PA). The PA will lead the communication with the startup, due diligence and engage the necessary number of WA to effectively support the investment.

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