Startup Requirements

We look for projects that bring innovations to markets, value to the community and, potentially will impact the future economy and society.

We will dismiss projects that may put at risk WA4STEAM’s reputation or those which may harm society, environment, health, etc.


  • Startups and projects at early stage needing seed capital.
  • Pre-money valuations from EUR 0.5 – 2.5 Millions.
  • Projects led by women either as founders or at the C-level.
  • Projects on STEAM. We know there are very interesting projects out there but we believe in specialization to generate value for you and your project.
  • We are global, without geographical limitations.

The requirements above are not meant to be an exhaustive list. WA4STEAM members will use several criteria based on the Association’s portfolio and its exposure to its priority sectors at each point in time.


You can find details of our investment criteria on priority sectors in the section on 2018-2019 priority sectors.

We want to generate sustainable future growth by investing in innovation that also contributes to the local community and the society at large.

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