Ana suarez At WA4STEAM I can work with other professional women that share my passion for helping other women entrepreneurs, with funds and mentorship. Ana Suárez Gamazo Yolanda Díaz Our vision and objective is to develop female entrepreneur talent in STEAM, and provide visibility to their projects. We not only fund them but support them with our expertise. Yolanda Díaz Villarrubia

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Who are we ?

We are a growing international community of women angel investors seeking to expand women entrepreneurial presence in the STEAM fields.



WA4STEAM angels aim to contribute not only financially but also with their experience, knowledge and networks to boost projects.

STEAM and future


It is now widely accepted among economists that innovation, research and development is the basis of a future sustainable growth.


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International Day of Women and Girls in Science, 11 February

This month we will not recognize the achievement of a specific scientist but we would like to pay tribute to all women working in science.


During this year’s celebration the UN will focus on women scientist at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19 pandemic. By clicking in the link you can see all the activities planned to celebrate all these anonymous women and their contributions.


Sources: United Nations and UNICEF Photo/UN0145554/Karin Schermbrucker

Who we are

WA4STEAM is a growing international community of women angel investors seeking to expand women entrepreneurial presence in the STEAM fields.

Our history started in 2018, after participating in a European Union Business Angels for Europe’s Entrepreneurs Program (WA4E) at IESE (Spain). At program termination, a group of women, decided to set up a non-profit association focused on supporting other women’s initiatives in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Arquitecture and Mathematics, STEAM.


WA4STEAM members are more than business angels driven by profitability, since they aim not only to provide seed capital, but also to become a strategic partner nurturing women future leaders and role models.


Our members hold a wide variety of backgrounds with professional expertise in biosciences, mathematics, finance, engineering, law, accounting, communication, education and training. Altogether, these backgrounds combined, add significant value to the early stages of start-ups life cycle.

Furthermore, we count with a broad network of strategic partners and other angels’ groups, which reinforces our angels’ investment capability by connecting the companies where our members invest to other ecosystems.



It is now widely accepted among economists that innovation, research and development are the basis for a sustainable growth in the future, and careers that are focused on STEM are usually associated to high quality rewarding jobs.


Unfortunately, young women tend to be less and less interested in these careers as several statistics show, which means they are likely going to miss the opportunities to lead upcoming changes in our society.


There is not a widely accepted explanation for this growing gap but at WA4STEAM we believe we can make a difference to lessen it. With our members’ dual purpose on profitability and making a social impact, we aim to empower women entrepreneurs within STEAM fields, providing them with nurturing and powerful role models who are inspiring a new generation of young women into science, engineering and technology focused training.


Discover why our investing business angels say yes to STEAM:

The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, CEDEPOF, shows that employment of STEM professionals and associates professionals in the EU has increased since 2000 and despite of the economic crisis, demand for STEM professionals and associate professionals is expected to grow by 8 % between 2013 and 2025, whilst the average growth forecast for all other occupations is 3 %.


Women cannot afford to be left out of this opportunity, and W4STEAM can help.


Because Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Architecture and Mathematics are among the fields with the largest gender gap, we being an all-women business angels group can provide the needed support to start changing this discrepancy.


In the United States women earn only about 35 percent of the undergraduate degrees in STEM, even though they account for almost 60 percent of college graduates. This number has remained unchanged for the past decade and will not likely shift unless new measures are taken.

Partners & friends

WA4STEAM works with a broad network of partners and institutions that support and leverage our portfolio companies.


We are members and vice president in AEBAN, Asociación Española de Business Angels Networks.

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UN Goals

UN Goals

WA4STEAM aims to contribute to the UN sustainable development goals.

We believe in solving the challenges of gender equality, diversity and financial independence as well as building in the promising fields of technological innovation. Through our angel investing activity supporting women-led startups we will contribute to several of these objectives.

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We are a growing international community of woman angel investors seeking to expand women entrepreneurial presence in the STEAM fields.

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