Description of supported projects

These are some of the projects where WA4STEAM members have invested



“The new generation of  telemedicine solutions”



“Analytical CRO delivering fast, robust, data rich binding kinetic. Its proprietary platform, delivers all key kinetic & affinity parameters in a single assay, with superior speed / throughput – influencing efficacy, safety and new therapeutic opportunity earlier in the drug discovery process.”


3D- Click

“3D Packaging Mockup Made Easy”

The aim of 3D Click is to provide an easy and collaborative online tool to the entire packaging ecosystem in order to reduce product time to market, by creating a platform where all actors of the Packaging industry can work together without 3D knowledge.



“Electricity from plants”

At the edge of nature and innovation, Bioo specializes in the innovation of renewable energies, telecommunication hardware and software development. Its mission is merging nature and technology to improve the quality of life of others.



“Increase the TEAM INTELLIGENCE of your organization to achieve SUCCESS”

TeamEQ is an organizational management solution, powered by AI. It transforms companies into high-performance living systems, improving team alignment, engagement and people well-being.



“Maths as you always wanted them to be”

Reinventing mathematics! Discover a new educational dimension for primary education with InnovaMat’s flexible modules that can complement your own teaching material with innovative tools.



“Unleash blockchain power”

Built on top of blockchain and driven by AI, Vottun focus on developing blockchain technology to improve the way the certificates are used in the world. We have developed a protocol solution to solve important use cases in certificates applications in a wide range of sectors.



“Enhancing digestive health”

Biotechnology company focused on researching and developing analysis systems and therapeutic products to improve the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases based on intestinal microbiota.

Exheus logo


“A unique RNA test”

After more than 20 years of investigation, Exheus has develop a test to know how to active 22,000 genes and improve your sports performance, health and wellbeing.

onalabs logo


“Gentle bio-measuring for a better life”

Comprehensive non-invasive continuous monitoring solutions to monitor physiological biomarkers through sweat,  in a simple and affordable way.

Aura logo


“Robotic solutions for social needs”

Committed medtech: innovative and affordable medical robotic solutions that are efficient, straightforward and doctor-friendly.

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