It is now widely accepted among economists that innovation, research and development are the basis for a sustainable growth in the future, and careers that are focused on STEM are usually associated to high quality rewarding jobs.


Unfortunately, young women tend to be less and less interested in these careers as several statistics show, which means they are likely going to miss the opportunities to lead upcoming changes in our society.


There is not a widely accepted explanation for this growing gap but at WA4STEAM we believe we can make a difference to lessen it. With our members’ dual purpose on profitability and making a social impact, we aim to empower women entrepreneurs within STEAM fields, providing them with nurturing and powerful role models who are inspiring a new generation of young women into science, engineering and technology focused training.


Discover why our investing business angels say yes to STEAM


Because Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Architecture and Mathematics are among  the fields with the largest gender gap, we being an all-women business angels group can provide the needed support to start changing this discrepancy.

In the United States women earn only about 35 percent of the undergraduate degrees in STEM, even though they account for almost 60 percent of college graduates. This number has remained unchanged for the past decade and will not likely shift unless new measures are taken.

What is STEAM ?

STEAM is the acronym that refers to all the careers in the fields of: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Architecture and Mathematics.

Future & STEAM

Data that supports WA4STEAM commitment to STEAM.

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