Mission, Vision and Core Values

WA4STEAM is an association of women business angels with the misión to provide seed capital and support to STEAM start-ups led by women.


WA4STEAM aspires to be a group of reference within the startup investment ecosystem by supporting women-led STEAM startups become profitable enterprises. We aim to become a cohesive body of knowledge for both women angels (WA) and women entrepreneurs (WE) and a community of mentoring and networking.


The broad skill set of our members, our angels’ dual approach to investment, driven by both economic profitability and social impact, and our strong values makes WA4STEAM a unique organization  committed to women and STEAM, specifically by:


  • Promoting women’s entrepreneurship initiatives in STEAM.
  • Fostering women’s talent and innovation in STEAM.
  • Highlighting women’s initiatives in STEAM.
  • Contributing to the future Technological Road Map through STEAM startups.
  • Influencing society towards gender equality in STEAM.
  • Encouraging women’s greater participation in STEAM projects.
  • Creating a collaborative environment that allows women entrepreneurs to find the means and aids to develop their business and professional projects.
  • Promoting and encouraging networking between professionals, entrepreneurs, associations and other organizations.


The vision of WA4STEAM is to progressively eliminate the traditional obstacles and barriers that, imperceptibly and systematically, discriminate initiatives led by women, contributing to the UN 2030 gender equality goals among others.


At WA4STEAM we want to connect our angels with women entrepreneurs in STEAM, sharing the dream of an all inclusive world.


Supporting them in the early stages of the startup cash life cycle, developing specific mechanisms and dynamics that prevent early project terminations and foster entrepreneurial aspirations.

Gender gap in WA4STEAM startups is no longer an issue!

Core Values


Although WA4STEAM is a non-profit organization, our angels are not non-profit donors and projects whose main objective is solely social are out of their scope. However, positive social impact steaming from projects will be valued.

Transparent selection practices

The evaluation of investment projects is carried out in a coordinated and transparent manner by the association committees, in accordance with an internal selection criteria and good professional practices.

Women led

Our angels invest in STEAM initiatives led by women only, or where there is a significant female involvement.

Impact on future

The objective is to support projects and technologies that are expected to have the greatest impact in the near future, focusing in STEAM areas where women are a minority.

Social impact

WA4STEAM aspiration is to become a reference group for women entrepreneurs and society, to stimulate female entrepreneurship and leadership in areas where they have been historically underrepresented. WA4STEAM plans to carry out community initiatives (competitions, prizes, scholarships) that encourage and inspire the development of talent in girls and women in STEAM and in entrepreneurship.

Group / Collectivity

WA4STEAM is a cohesive women group that firmly supports women entrepreneurs leading competitive, innovative and  profitable projects.

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