Regina y Sylvie

This agreement seeks to motivate girls and teenagers to study technical careers, as well as to promote female entrepreneurship initiatives in technical areas, to achieve greater incorporation of women into engineering related professions


  • Elias Fereres, President of the Royal Academy of Engineering and WA4STEAM co-founders, Regina Llopis, President, and Sylvie Lemaire, Vice President signed a collaboration agreement to collaborate with “Mujer e Ingeniería”  (“Women and Engineering”)


  • “Women and Engineering” is an initiative, aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), born from the concern of the Royal Academy of Engineering for the shortage of women in the fields of engineering and technology


  • The Royal Academy and WA4STEAM have committed to develop a specific work plan that includes participation in mentoring programs, lectures, conferences, meetings, as well as exhibitions and publications.


  • The objective is to promote and disseminate engineering and its role in the development of society to increase the presence of female engineers in strategic sectors.


Download the press release (Spanish version)

Download the press release (English version)

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